In 2016 Polly Plume was founded by three women from Milan, who have been working in the fashion industry for most parts of their careers. Their intensive and insightful connection to the world of fashion has more and more raised their interest in creating something of their own - a project that encourages not just their friendship but also their passion for shoes and strong eye for details. Mixing their strengths within the field, which they have gained throughout their careers, and underlining their different styles makes Polly Plume to what it is today.

The ingredients for Polly Plume’s success are rather simple: highest Italian quality, a strong emphasis on femininity and surprising colours and materials. The brand gives a refined and renewed twist to classic, evergreen shapes that women already wear and love. By adding mesmerising and unexpected details, Polly Plume manages to make women fall in love with those classic, but by no means old, shapes all over again.

The brand revolves 100% around feeling comfortable, yet fashionable. Informed by the fast paced lifestyles of today's fashion savvy woman, these shoes deliver all day wear with unmistakable cachet. Polly Plume’s versatility elegantly expands your everyday options and makes the brand become the most reliable option in a woman’s wardrobe.

Polly Plume’s aim is to connect to a woman, who finds joy and excitement in fashion, who loves to style herself and feel sophisticated. The collections are designed to complete an already strong look that represents personality and an intensive involvement with trends.

The world of Polly Plume awaits you full of glitter, brightness and fun – for all the girly girls.

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